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Case study:

AAV characterization with cryo-TEM is a valuable method for ensuring gene therapy quality

Speed nanoparticle characterization

NIS enables rapid turnaround timesfor image analysis, providing a ​speed nanoparticle characterization technique at all stages of the AAV production pipeline, including routine quality control. 

Download this case study to learn how NIS can can use cryo-TEM to quickly characterize your AAVs.

    Current methods of transgene packaging often result in incomplete packaging of genetic material into virions, which can reduce the quality of vector production and affect the safety and efficacy of the adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy. Techniques for assessing the proportion of empty particles tend to be imprecise and can also damage the capsid. Cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) services from NIS offer a more precise, fast, and robust method for AAV characterization. 

    The cryo-TEM workflow delivers rapid and high-quality direct visualization and analysis of AAV particles, providing comprehensive information about their quality and purity. Not only can empty capsids be accurately detected without damage, but particle morphology can also be analyzed and quantified. Particle integrity, purity, size, population fractions, and aggregation can all be evaluated – and with just a small sample volume. 

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