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Harness the Power of Cryo-EM

Learn How Cryo-EM Addresses Needs Unmet By Current Techniques 

Download this whitepaper to uncover how cryo-EM provides new ways to visualize structures at near atomic levels, bringing insights that can accelerate drug discovery and development, and how experts at NIS make it accessible.

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     Read this whitepaper to learn how:

    • The technique can be applied to molecules that are too difficult to crystallize or are too large for NMR
    • NIS has made cryo-EM accessible and affordable
    • You can rapidly incorporate cryo-EM into your research workflow and outperform competitors who haven’t yet taken the leap
    • You can generate the information needed to propel your project forward and reduce the time and cost required to bring a new medicine to the clinic

    This whitepaper is of interest to:

    • Structural Biologists, particularly those applying structure-based drug design (SBDD) approaches to drug development, who will benefit from 3D structures of protein targets
    • Analytical Scientists working on molecular characterization, who require direct visualization, and information on a particle-by-particle basis
    • Formulation scientists working on small molecule projects not amenable to X-ray crystallography

Cryo-EM is amazingly complex, but working with NIS is easy. Check out a few of our stats:


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